PHYT’S certified organic facial treatments

Soin Aqua Phyt’s

1hr 15min $140

Ideal treatment to boost hydration to get that plump, youthful skin (skin boosting, ultra hydrating, refreshing).

With an intense infusion of plant based hyaluronic acid, your skin will appear younger, and fresher. The hyaluronic acid molecule is able to hold up to 20 times its weight in water. Naturally present in tissue and declining with age, it is a ‘biological sponge’ for a more youthful skin.

Soin Energie-Vitale

1hr $130

Combination/oily skin types. Re-establishes
energy to sluggish, devitalised, asphyxiated skin (revitalising, stimulating, detoxifying).

Using the vital energy of nature’s chlorophyll this facial will revitalise combination and oily skins and is an excellent boost for delicate areas such as lips, eyes and throat. Nourishing and remineralising, this facial will revamp the tired looking skin.

Soin Multi-Vita

1hr 30min $150

A powerhouse of nutraceuticals for Ageing Skin (anti-ageing, tightening, lifting).

With highly active natural ingredients providing an alchemy of powerful vitamins (A, B, C, E), minerals (14 mineral salts), 16 amino acids, and a special patented wheat protein (Cévéblé) – proven in laboratory tests for its ability to preserve the integrity of collagen and elastin fibres – to smooth the skin and for its powerful action in slowing ageing! An ideal ‘beauty flash’ for the skin.

Soin Oligo-Vital

1hr 15min $130

Nourishes dry, dehydrated and demineralised skin (remineralising, nourishing, anti-ageing).

With a cocktail of active ingredients, fine lines and wrinkles are targeted with amino-acid rich serums to activate the circulation and assist in collagen bio-synthesis for a noticable difference in the smoothness of your skin.

Soin D’o

1hr 15min $140

For dull, devitalised, combination & oily skin (stimulating, invigorating, toning, anti-ageing).

Breathe life back into your skin with this incredibly stimulating treatment made effective with the use of three energies – heat, cool & constrict. These will instantly boost hydration, tone and clarify the complexion.

Soin Anti-Comedon

1hr $115

Oily, acne/problem skin (detoxifying, decongesting).

Harnessing the luxury and power of therapeutic aromatherapy, the skin is treated using a series of tonics, including an infusion of Copper and Potassium based serums in which acne causing bacteria is sent packing! Extractions and specialised lymphatic drainage massage along with purifying products make this a perfect healing treatment for problem skin.